Diesel2Gas Solutions are experts in the field of natural gas & bi-fuel conversions for diesel engines. We're dedicated to finding you the best alternative to costly & problematic Tier 4 diesel power.

Natural gas, the clean, simple, & reliable fuel of the future

Natural gas solutions that make sense

Diesel2Gas Solutions has years of experience packaging engines and generators for industrial and agriculture applications. We specialize in custom fabrications to fit your needs, especially when an "off-the-shelf" solution is not available. Our team are experts in the field of industrial natural gas engines, as well as bi-fuel conversions for diesel engines. We're dedicated to helping you find the best alternative to costly diesel power.

With current emission standards, operating any industrial engine and keeping it in compliance can be a daunting task. Our team of experts partner with the best emission control solutions to provide robust emission control systems that keep your operation in worry-free compliance. We have experienced how Tier 4 diesel engines have proved to be un-reliable and believe that natural gas is the cost effective solution to emission requirements of the future. We also offer practical ways to utilize natural gas in any application, mobile or stationary.


Best emission technology
  • Offering practical ways to utilize natural gas in any application, mobile or stationary.

  • Determining the best long term emission control solution that keeps your operation worry-free.

  • Custom fabrication to fit your needs is our specialty. Diesel, Bi-Fuel, or 100% natural gas.

  • Previously wasted flare gas is now being redirected back into the natural gas system reducing green house gasses and preserving precious natural resources.

Tier 4 alternative. The more you know the easier it gets.

Tier 4 Diesels vs Natural Gas

With the onset of Tier 4 Final standards, natural gas engines are quickly becoming the engines of choice. A natural gas engine is a great alternative to a Tier 4 diesel. Tier 4 diesels have been plagued with reliability issues that have all but eliminated their use in an emergency or on-demand environments.

The days of affordable, reliable diesel engines have been replaced with cumbersome, electronic Tier 4's that are so expensive, a natural gas engine is a great alternative. Give us a call and let one of our engineers discuss the alternatives to Tier 4.


Natural Gas VS Tier 4 Diesel

Renewable Natural Gas "RNG" or Compressed Natural Gas "CNG" can be delivered onsite when & where you need it

No on-site natural gas?
No problem.

We can provide a turn-key CNG solution to any site, anywhere, for any application. Don't let the absence of a natural gas pipeline effect your next rental or purchase when we can provide the right amount of CNG to meet your needs. When you're faced with a challenge of providing the lowest emission technology possible, natural gas is your best choice.

CNG delivery is a key component to building your infrastructure around Natural Gas. For mobile applications, a CNG pod can be delivered and replenished as your on-site demands require. For critical facilities, CNG service serves as a backup for temporary outages. CNG is competitively priced below diesel and propane and the price has remained steadily low despite energy market conditions. Investing in natural gas is a great hedge against future energy costs and emission regulations. Natural gas engines burn cleaner than today's cleanest Tier 4 Final diesel engines.


Your virtual CNG pipeline on wheels

Mobile Applications
On-site delivery is the key to using natural gas in mobile equipment applications.
Cost Effective
Delivered natural gas is less than diesel or propane per BTU
Renewable Natural Gas
Compression and transportation of renewable natural gas, "RNG", to pipeline or remote consumption
Supply on-demand
Available for emergencies or during service outages and upgrades